Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Development of Municipalities

The power of local municipalities is thanks to their cooperation. They focus on long term support of education and informative events where they share their knowledge.
Even though this microregion is located between two big cities there is a lot to find. Like amazing concerts in local churches, ponds and lakes and many local producers.

For many years now in local municipalities are people who actively attend the University of the Third Age called e-senior.
Between years 2013 and 2015 the microregion created significant project Systematic support of development between municipalities in the Czech Republic.

List of chosen activities in the region:
  • Marking and rebuilding of bicycle paths, new informative panels
  • Creating of chill out zones in nature
  • Proper care about architectonic monuments
  • Revitalizations of local environment
  • Creating of historical expositions
What is happening Behind Airport? 2017

Many of current activities are connected to the Region of the Iron Mountains and its work. Here you will find detail information, maps, publications, newsletter and schedule of events happening each month.

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