Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport


This microregion was found in 2001 and since then it became a union for 9 municipalities and it is an initiator for many interesting activities and project happening in region these days.

In 2005 the microregion joined the Local Action Group (LAG) of the Iron Mountains, where they focus on the regional developments of hospitality, support traditions and sales of local production with the sign “Železné hory regionální produkt” - Regional product of the Iron Mountains.

It is a compact region located on a border of agglomeration of Pardubice, Chrudim and free land bounded by Iron Mountains. Because the most favourite way of transport of local people is a bike, that is why the web of bicycle paths goes stronger and new paths are planned to be build. Those path goes now only through breath taking nature, but also around historical and architectonic monuments. And all around the paths are information panels full of helpful and interesting information about the region. Local pubs, fruit plantations, all and more great place you can find here. Activities and events held by local municipalities support and advertise local producers, care about environment, informative courses for elementary schools and a lot more.

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