Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Source of the river Odra [ Water course ]

'The river Odra springs in Kozlov's highlands in the region of Lower Jeseník at the foot of the Fidel's hill. The source is situated in "Odry's forest" in the region of army territory Libavá between the village Kozlov and disestablished village Varhošť in a shallow saddle with large moss. The spring area is made up by several tapes which are clear at times of raining or melting of spring snow.

According to chronicle of the town Odry from 1830 written by chronicler F. X. Zimmermann the spring of the river was localized by two German businessmen. Both of them arrived in 1823 to Veselíčko and visited a manor of the owner of the place and forest in which Odra rose, of earl Leopold Podstatz von Liechtenstein-Kastelkorn whose family came from old Moravian noble family from the 13th century. With knowledge of the earl they had on the place of the spring hazelnut shrubberies sprouted and a small, four shoes (1 shoe = 31,6 cm) high fountain bricked up over which the earl had hexagonal summer-house built.

The original spring area was however on the contrary of the contemporary spring situated approximately 100 steps higher to the west, but races outflowing of it ran gradually dry and became extinct so that the spring disappeared without trace. This spring was on old maps marked as "Oder Quelle" (upper spring, in contrast to later lower "Unter Quelle", today's spring).

The upper spring was situated in then territory of the village Varhošť that belonged to the communal estate of Olomouc's canon chapter Velká Bystřice from which originated at the end of the 19th century dispute between Velič's and Olomouc's chapter house about the spring of Odra. The chapter house had at that time by reason of prestige built in the place of the upper spring a timbered wooden well and simple foursquare oak column with terrace blind over the picture of Madonna with child. A water from this wooden well then ran to the brick well in the lower spring. In summer the upper spring used to get dry.

In 1850 demense of Velič had on the place of the lower spring a semicircular brick chapel with red domelike roof built, later covered with slate, it stood here until 1910 when it was during a windstorm ruined with falling trees. Later a wooden hexagonal summer-house with pyramidal roof covered with slate was built here.

In 1960 administration of military forests in Velký Újezd pitched in the spring area a summer-house with stone pavement and well in which only impotable water appears only from influent rillets during periods of snow melting and heavy rains. Beam structure of the summer-house on block foundations has shingle roof covering in the shape of pyramid as well as of three walls and floor on slabs with water basin; left side is broken with viewpoint.

The spring was on 1st June 1991 made accessible for public by public notice of the District's office of the Military district. In the route there stands a watch box, during times of ball-firing the other territory is inaccessible!


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