Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Union of Municipalities Behind the Airport

Do you know a district of Trutnov? [ Region ]

Do you know a district of Trutnov?

So you must go to Podkrkonosi and then Krkonose mountain. Unique panorama of the highest, springs of rivers Labe and Upa, with the highest mountain Snezka (1602 m). You can see it by far. The district can offer not only an unique nature, but even wealthy history. You should visit a lot of historical monuments Dvor Kralove nad Labem (Kohoutuv dvùr, Sindelarska vez, Hankuv dum, radnice, but above all well-known ZOO Safari and an architectuural interesting dam in Les Kralovstvi ("Kingdom of Wood"). From there is not so far away to a hill Zvicina, which gives a beautiful look at surrounding country. But listen me, you should see Kuks. It is a Baroque monument of mr. Spork and Braun. And so Bethlehen, plastic art in wood behind Zirce. If you don't enjoy in summer, will come in autumn. The nature is picturesque in this time. Woods are full of mushrooms and the nature blazes with colours so charming and extravagant.

If you like quiet walks, you will convince of it for example - in east part of the district: When you go to ancient Gothic castle Vizmburk, Rtyne there was an rural rerebellion at 1775 or a picturesque Male Svatonovice under Jestrebimi mountain for brothers Capek. Their family lives in Upice too, this town has a known observatory, which observes sunny actvivity.

District town Trutnov is industrial, commercial and social centre. Trutnov is called rightly like "The Gate of Krkonose". You can see Snezka and Cerna hora from Krakonosovo square or town's park under Janska chapel. You reassure a look in conviction, that you can't postpone a trip to the mountain. If a weather is good, you will choose very difficult. What first!: well-known skiing centers Pec pod Snezkou or Spindleruv Mlyn or quietly mountain places. You can enjoy down-hill or cross-country skiing, tour with lovely views of the mountain or to see typical cottages.

Your decision facilitates bad weather. It is better to stay under Trutnov's arcade, to visit a museum and gallery.You can take under a roof under colonade in Janske Lazne. Next chance you can go to Hostinne - " town of paper " - to visit a unique gallery of antique art. Town Vrchlabi offers a typical architecture "three houses" and an exposure of KRNAP (Krkonese's nationatl park) - Stone and Live. You should visit surely.Vrchlabi airport or Dvur Kral. n. Labem airport arrange sightseeing flights not only above one of the most visiting world natural parks, but above whole district. It is big different to see. Hills suggest sand mud-pies, houses have size like a safety match box, red ground is interwove silver rivers, roads or rails so dense, it looks like beautiful packaged presents from Krakonos, to lie between mountain and woods.

Jan Amos Komensky left this county very difficult, similarly as others. Revivalistic bohemian mind of Father Regner Havlovicky and Vaclav Hanka, cultural indomitable activities personages Josef and Karel Capek, the same men of action F.X.Dusek, U.Horn, R.A.Dvorsky, brothers Koleta and other natives from this district are quotation of Capek perception "this nook of country lies on a history road, but at the same time in intimate and almost close retirement". If you want to know our captivating even roughly land-scape really, will come to spend longer time! You will welcome.


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